Dental Sealants

1. What is a preventive sealing ? 

Children's posterior teeth (premolars and permanent molars) often have deep grooves that are difficult to reach with the bristles of the toothbrush. In order to prevent the influx of bacteria and food and thus significantly reduce the appearance of cavities, the cavities present on the surface of the teeth are sealed by pouring a fluid, fluorinated resin over them. This preventive obtruation is generally performed on children between 6 and 14 years of age but can also be performed on adults.


2. Applying the sealant

Filling grooves is a quick and painless process. 

  • clean and dry the tooth

  • place an acid gel on your teeth to increase the roughness of the tooth surface to increase adhesion 

  • after a few seconds, rinse the gel and dry the tooth again

  • apply sealant to the grooves of your tooth

  • use of a special blue light to photopolymerize (harden) the resin


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