Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Prevention measures for everyone's safety

Following the requirements of the Ordre National des Chirurgiens Dentistes, we have put in place a comprehensive protection concept that enables safe treatment for you and our employees allowing us to perform our entire dental treatment spectrum  .

1. Patient

Inform when making an appointment

Report if you are among the patients considered vulnerable for Covid-19.

Are considered particularly vulnerable and more at risk people over 65 years, as well as those of any age suffering in particular from one of these diseases: high blood pressure, chronic diseases of the respiratory tract, diabetes, immune weakness due to a disease or to therapy, cardiovascular disease, cancer.

Arrive on time

If you arrive earlier than your appointment, please wait outside or in your car

Come alone

The access to the office is limited to the patient only.

In the case of a child or a dependent person, only one accompanying person is allowed

Before your appointment

Important : print, fill in the Covid questionnaire on the day of the appointment and bring it to the office (click here).
Should you answer positively to one of the questions, please contact us before coming.
New patient : please fill in the medical questionnaire (click here)

The questionnaires will be shown to the assistant through the protective glass, then left in the box

… with your mask

Keep your anti-projection mask until the start of and put it back on at the end of the treatment

Use the hand sanitizer

Use the hydro-alcoholic solution before and after the treatment (and any accompanying person)

In general, the patient is immediately brought into the treatment room

Before treatment, mouthwash is compulsory

Do not hesitate to consult the poster above and the recommendations of the Council of the Order of Dentists.

2. Equipment of the practitioner and the assistant

In order to increase the health safety of the patient, the dentist and the assistance, we adapted our personal protective equipment (PPE): 

  • Body protection

    • cap

    • over-scrub

    • Covid-19: gown 

  • Eye protection: protective glasses ==> Covid-19: additional wearing of a visor 

  • Respiratory protection: surgical mask ==> Covid-19: FFP2/N95 mask 

  • Hand protection: gloves


3. Reminder of cabinet asepsis, sterilization and instrument traceability measures

Our firm has always placed emphasis on the asepsis of the premises and the sterilization of the equipment as well as its traceability:

  • the sterilization of any instrument used in the mouth (probe, mirror...) according to a strict protocol.

  • cleaning and disinfection of medical devices between patients

  • as part of the Covid-19 measures, the treatment room will be ventilated by opening the windows after each patient

  • external and internal disinfection of rotating equipment (turbines, etc.) after each use

  • the sorting and disposal of healthcare waste with infectious risks

  • we will apply the aseptic procedure from the operating room to the common care cabin with the use of a dedicated device allowing the spraying of a bio-degradable disinfectant. In addition, all door handles are regularly disinfected as well as the seats in the waiting room.


Our traceability procedure allows us to track the bag of sterilized instruments used for each patient using a barcode label. These labels are scanned and archived in the patient's file and allow access to the sterilization and usage history at any time.


For more details, please see our dedicated page on sterilization and traceability).


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Covid-19 Measures